Our 43rd Seminar

Neil Ever Osborne: “Visual Storytelling for People + Planet

In-person OR Zoom webinar — Saturday 29 April 2023, 9am – 4:30 pm ET

National Geographic Explorer and Smithsonian Photographer Neil Ever Osborne’s projects bear witness to the complex relationship between people and planet.

The day will focus on the theme of People + Planet. Using his faraway adventures with sea turtles and poachers in Mexico, the Kayapo peoples of the Amazon, and mountain gorillas in Africa, Neil’s award-winning images reveal the enduring spirit of humanity and the resiliency of nature.

The afternoon will include a Q&A session with the audience and discussion of conservation issues. Neil will describe how visual story-telling can help inform and mobilize concerned individuals.

What you will take away: New awareness and skills  to inspire and guide you as a photographer and  environmentalist.

Seminar Ticket: $75 in advance/ $90 at the door — your choice of in-person or Zoom webinar (same time, no recording to be available)

Buy a ticket before 15 April to be entered in a draw for  a full refund.                   

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Neil will offer two workshops on Sunday as a complement to the Seminar. They are described under the next heading.

A total purchase of $155 or more will earn a discount of 10% on your entire personal purchase (i.e., not combined with purchases for a second person). Students get a 33% discount on purchases for all in-person events.