Our 42nd Seminar

Viktoria Haack’s Seminar: “People, Places and Dogs”

Presented live  or online: Saturday, 9 April 2022 — 9:00 am to 4:30 pm ET

What motivates us to pick up a camera?
How do we stay inspired?

Generalist or specialist:
What do we choose to photograph?
Does taking photographs commercially alter the type of photographer we become?

To share or not to share?
Who are we taking photos for?
Do we need to share them, if so, how?

Paying it forward:
How do we give back to the photographic community and the community as a whole?
Finding ways to protect nature and the land (Nature First)
Returning to the roots of our initial motivation.

Each segment will be approximately 1-1/4 hr, with a short break after a Q+A session.

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What you will learn: New awareness and skill  to inspire and guide you as a photographer

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Tickets: $75 in advance ($90 at the door).  A total purchase of $120 or more will earn a discount of 10% on your entire personal purchase (i.e., not combined with purchases for a second person).