International AV Festival

Saturday, 10 April 2021, 7-9 pm ET — online

This year the 2021 international showcase is one of the most diverse ever. Shows include far-off lands, thoughtful storytelling, a look into the mind, a magical journey, a humorous fairy tale, where elephants go to die, the lockdown, the great cathedrals of France and the legend of eternal youth.

So join us for a wonderful evening of audio-visual shows that will spark the imagination. The presentation will be online and will use Vimeo to ensure top-quality production

Tickets: Seminar and Workshop attendees will receive a free pass to the AV Festival. It will come automatically with your other ticket(s).

Others may purchase an AV Festival ticket for $10.

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The Latow International Audio-Visual Festival is the annual highlight of the year in the AV community. This is not a competition but a premier international showcase of photography by image makers from around the world that use different audio-visual techniques to tell a story or to show off an artistic vision. A great evening for photographers, other visual artists, and those who simply appreciate a good entertaining show.

One of the selected shows will receive the “Award for Artistic Merit,” given jointly by the Art Gallery of Burlington and the Latow Photographers Guild to recognize the artistic qualities of one of the productions. Determined by a panel of artists from the other guilds at the AGB, the award is given out on the night of the Festival presentation and is accompanied by a $500.00 cash honorarium.

Join us online for a memorable evening of photography presented through this dynamic medium.

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If you’d like to watch last year’s 2020 showcase click here.